What Is A2P SMS Messaging?

Application to Person or A2P SMS messaging enables companies to send an SMS from a web application to the subscriber (person). It is used by the airline industry, banking & financial institutions, hotel booking sites, social networks and many other organisations to directly contact customers and subscribers.

Person to Application or P2A messaging is a process of sending an SMS from a mobile subscriber to an application. It is widely used for giving customer service feedback, voting and making charitable donations etc… This type of messaging allows mobile subscribers to easily interact with brands and organisations via the quick and simple medium of text messaging.

4 Reasons Why P2A and A2P Messaging Is on the Rise

The numbers are unmistakable – A2P and P2A messaging have seen a steady increase over the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue. It’s been a long time since people used SMS to chat casually with friends, but in the business world, SMS is surging in popularity.

In 2017 the global market for application to person messaging was valued at €52.68bn and is forecast to grow to €73.51bn by 2025. Populations are getting bigger, which means there are more mobile subscribers, but that is only one reason for the trend. Here are some other factors at play.


Companies and organisations are coming up with innovative ways of using SMS, one of which is in the world of show business. In recent years talent shows have started to attract millions of fans from around the world who are happy to vote for their favourite contestant via SMS.

It’s quick, it’s easy and there’s no need for an internet connection, meaning fans can be sure they are getting their vote in on time. But talent shows aren’t the only place where people are directing their attention.

Social consciousness is on the rise and texting in a charitable donation is one way in which people can support the causes that really matter to them.

Healthcare is also finding multiple uses for SMS with hospitals and clinics sending check-up reminders, test results, treatment schedules and appointments.


Getting premium customer service is no longer a privilege, it’s an expectation and the growing fashion for online reviews means that when consumers don’t have their expectations met, everyone gets to know about it.

Add to that the ease of access that customers have to products and services all over the world, and it’s clear that businesses must be as competitive as possible with the level of service they offer.

Airlines have embraced this and are using SMS to enhance their customers’ experience by sending them check-in reminders, boarding passes, flight delay notifications and special offers, as well as requesting feedback after a flight.


The retail sector is booming. Big marketing budgets are behind the constant stream of brands pouring into a consumer’s mind. However, with all this noise it’s becoming more difficult for retailers to catch the attention of their loyal shoppers.

SMS has become a convenient gateway for retailers to reach their customers with special offers, updates on loyalty points, store opening hours and one-time passwords for their online accounts.

Two-way messaging is also catching on as a way for retailers to get feedback from unhappy customers, giving them the opportunity to rectify a situation before it escalates.

Faced with regular emails saying ‘do-not-reply’ and switchboards with long waiting times, consumers like being ‘heard’ through SMS.


The finance sector is heavily regulated when it comes to general marketing messages. But notifications by SMS have become hugely important for both security and customer service purposes.

Banks often use SMS to notify customers when there has been movement on their cards or to help them reset passwords for their online accounts.

When internet banking goes down for scheduled maintenance or due to a problem, SMS is a quick way for banks to reach their customers and put their minds at rest that there hasn’t been a security breach.

When it comes to customer service banks use SMS to send changes to branch opening times, new services available and when a new card is on its way.

In the insurance sector companies use SMS to send renewal reminders, links to important policy updates and payment receipts.

This stops useful information disappearing in crowded email inboxes and is also preferable for environmentally conscious consumers who prefer a paperless option.

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