Be the leader in creative and competitive markets.
Market leader has a great influence on partners and customers. The company may be the second in a certain period of time, but if being the third one, the company is only a follower. To maintain the lead, the company must always invent new products and services. The company must always innovate and create distance that competitors must strive to follow.
Having the lowest cost compared to other competitors in the market.
The economy always increase and decrease periodically. As the economy grows, it is quite easy to do business . When the economy is in recession, enterprises will cut costs, people will also spend less. While competitors go bankrupt, with low production cost, the company will survive and grow again as the economy moves into growth.
Considering customers and reputation as the most valuable asset of the enterprise.
Market share, revenue and profit, all come from the company's customers. If winning a new customer is hard, winning them back when they have left is ten harder. In the Internet era, a dissatisfied customer can hurt an enterprise badly because bad news can spread at the speed of light around the globe.
Saving yet cheap, spacious yet wasteful.
There is a boundary between "saving" and "cheap" as well as between "spacious" and "extravagant". The difference is in quality and real value. Being cheap yet perishable does not mean saving. It is better to spend the money at the right place, right time.
Focusing on efficiency but not neglecting the process, we appreciate quality of products and creativity of staffs.
Working efficiency is the most important measure. Working without good results means wasting time and money, which is a poor investment. However, it is not too blind to focus only on results but forget about requirements of process.
Gathering talent, authorizing self-making decision, creating the best working environment, the highest incentives and requiring outstanding dedication and efficiency.
The company deals in products that are tied to people. The company believes in empowering employees and giving them the right tools in the right working environment so that they can deliver the best results.
Investing in employees, treating them fairly and asking for honesty, dedication and loyalty.
Relationship between employees and the company is based on fairness and honesty. Workplace security comes from succeed of the company. The company leads employees to protect the interests of the company, which are directly related to life of employees and their family.
Confident that we can change the world and bring prosperity to Myanmar.
VMG Myanmar's mission, vision and core values are the power of associating members. We do business together effectively, increase income, create effective living and working environment .